Ministry for Gozo committed to catching Dwejra fly tippers

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Ministry for Gozo committed to catching Dwejra fly tippersReferring to media reports that have appeared in newspapers today, Sunday the 9th of May, on the illegal dumping of construction waste in Dwejra Gozo, the Ministry for Gozo has confirmed that it is working closely with the Police and MEPA to find those who are carrying out this illegal disposal.

The Ministry said that they had taken immediate action once they had become aware of the situation. They said that this is not the first time that the Ministry has had to take similar action to clear up an environmental area after irresponsible persons had abused a site by dumping rubbish.

They concluded by saying that they would like to reiterate the Government’s commitment of making Gozo an ecological island, not only to protect the natural environment but to further enhance tourism through a clean and protected environment. Irresponsible cases such as these make it even more determined to fight this type of abuse and they are collaborating fully with the Police to find the persons who committed this illegal act.

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    1 Response

    1. lesley kreupl says:

      Eco-Island my foot!
      Poor Dwejra: The Disaster or monstrosity is still standing, the illegal additions to the boat houses are still there, the sewage seepage from the illegal cesspits still goes into the Inland Sea – and this area is meant to be a heritage park!!

      The surrounding cliffs are full of dumped garbage and building rubble, this is not something new. Surely the roads leading to the cliffs beyond the quarries can be closed to heavy traffic, or do the quarry trucks bring in garbage and rubble and take out dressed stones, are they the culprits? It can’t be that difficult to find out.

      Mr. Formosa and the Ministry for Gozo may I suggest you station an incorruptible warden in the area for a few days.

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