Nationwide power cut across Gozo & Malta due to boiler fault

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Nationwide power cut across Gozo and Malta due to boiler faultGozo lost all power to it’s electrical system at 4.00pm this afternoon and remained totally cut off until 8.00pm this evening when power was finally restored.

Enemalta said the loss of power was due to a faulty boiler at Marsa and the consequent surge caused at the Delimara power station forced a total shutdown of the system for safety reasons.

Enemalta have apologised for the inconvenience caused and said their engineers have been working non-stop to restore power to both islands as quickly and safely as possible.

Gozo News lost all internet connectivity during this period, unfortunately preventing us providing any information to our readers until now.

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    2 Responses

    1. Joe says:

      Malta suffers nation-wide power cut but not all radio transmissions went dead… Radju Lehen il-Qala is one of these few…

    2. Robert Court says:

      We still get the occasional power cut; luckily these events are getting less frequent and also normally last just for a few minutes – however there seem to have been several lasting a few hours over the last year………………. maybe in a few years time more and more people will be able to supply themselves with more and more of their energy needs with the use of photovoltaic cells and wind power. I’ve heard a lot of negative things about wind power (as far as small household wind turbines) but they do work when the sun goes down and we do get an awful lot of wind in Gozo in the winter!

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