Scicluna is Parliament Rapporteur on Estonia’s Eurozone membership

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Scicluna is Parliament Rapporteur on Estonia's Eurozone membershipProfessor Edward Scicluna, Labour MEP for Malta, was nominated as the European Parliament’s Rapporteur on Estonia’s possible adoption of the Euro, and pledged that he would use his expertise as an EU appointed euro expert, prior to his election as an MEP to “good practice.”

Under the EU treaties, the Parliament must give its approval before any new country can join the Eurozone. If approved, Estonia would become the Eurozone’s 17th member in 2011.

Prof Scicluna said, “Having acted as Malta’s euro expert between 2006-09, I know the challenges facing new countries wishing to join the Eurozone, and will put my expertise to good practice.”

“I am delighted that, with my Rapporteurship on the European Central Bank due to be voted in March, my Socialist and Democrat group continues to keep faith in my abilities to deal with important dossiers.”

Commenting on the problems facing the Eurozone as a result of the financial crisis in Greece, Prof Scicluna said, “At a time when the Eurozone is facing the biggest challenge since its creation, in responding to the crisis in Greece, the stability of the Eurozone and new member countries is particularly important.”

“I am looking forward to working with the European Commission and Estonia to ensure that Estonia’s economy is ready for the euro.”

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