Medieval Chapel in Gozo given a new lease of life

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Medieval Chapel in Gozo given new lease of lifeThe late medieval chapel of Santa Cecilia, the only one of its kind still extant in Gozo has been given a new lease of life by means of an extensive restoration programme launched by the Ministry for Gozo in close collaboration with Baron Group Ltd and Wirt Ghawdex.

Since its profanation in 1644 up to a couple of years ago, the structure served as an animal shed and a store. Recently it was expropriated by Government at the request of the Ministry for Gozo so that urgent restoration works could be taken in hand. The chapel had recently suffered from neglect and even a serious vandal attack which caused considerable damage to the monument.

One of the outer walls which collapsed during last year’s heavy rains was rebuilt and the roof of the chapel was remade using the traditional materials. Rubble walls surrounding the chapel were repaired or reconstructed.

Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, paid a visit to the site to see the progress of work. She was accompanied by representatives of Wirt Ghawdex and Baron Group as well as the Director of Projects and Development. She was shown around the work by restoration architect Ivana Farrugia. Minister Debono thanked Baron Group who are fully sponsoring the restoration of this monument and urged other organisations to follow the example of this company.

After the completion of the first phase of restoration whereby the outside fabric of the chapel was strengthened and consolidated, the project now moves to the second phase, which will address the problem of water infiltration through the originally unpointed walls and the cleaning and restoration of the internal space.

When complete the said chapel will be managed by Wirt Ghawdex on behalf of the Ministry for Gozo and will be used as a conference and exhibition space.

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