AD delegation visits Dar l-Ewropa

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AD delegation visits Dar l-EwropaAn AD delegation visited ‘Dar l-Ewropa’ in Valletta. The AD delegation was led by AD Chairperson Michael Briguglio and Secretary General Ralph Cassar. The Head of the European Parliament Office in Malta Dr. Julian Vassallo explained the role of the European Parliament offices in ‘Dar l-Ewropa.’

During the visit Alternattiva Demokratika spokesperson on EU and international affairs, Prof. Arnold Cassola, said, “It is a good thing that finally the EU is acting on the blatant discrimination inherent in Maltese electoral laws and their application. AD had brought up the issue with the electoral commission of all the EU residents in Malta who had been struck off the electoral register. Even the EU Parliament representative in Malta did so. But the Electoral Commission, which is nominated 50 per cent by PN and 50 per cent by PL refused to do anything for three whole weeks.”

“The EU Commissioner should investigate the two party stronghold on institutions in our country as well as the servilism of the electoral commission, which only took action and obeyed immediately after it was ordered to do so within 72 hours by the Prime Minister. This is not the way democracy works in the EU,” concluded Prof. Cassola.

Michael Briguglio, Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson, added, “AD congratulates the private citizens who took the trouble of raising the issue with the EU. The blatant discrimination carried in Malta against voters is unacceptable. We at AD will always be there to ensure that democracy is really at work in our country. AD will surely continue working towards a real and developed European democracy.”

The insistence of the European Parliament Office led by Dr. Julian Vassallo was also instrumental to rectify the discriminatory and undemocratic application of the electoral law.

The AD delegation included the party’s spokespersons on various areas. AD Chairperson, Michael Briguglio introduced the party’s spokespersons, who are:

Spokesperson for Education: Mario Mallia

Spokesperson for Sustainable Development & Local Government: Carmel Cacopardo

Spokesperson for Industry, Energy & Transport: Ralph Cassar

Spokesperson for Civil Rights: Yvonne Arqueros Ebejer

Spokesperson for EU and Foreign Affairs: Arnold Cassola

Spokesperson for Democratic Institutions and Home Affairs: Stephen Cachia

Spokesperson for Agriculture and Animal Welfare: Simon Galea

Spokesperson for Gozo: Victor Galea Spokesperson for Communications and IT: Henrik Piski

Spokesperson for Social and Economic Development: Michael Briguglio

Spokesperson for Sports: Dirk Urpani

Spokesperson for Social Protection: Nighat Urpani

Spokesperson for Health: Bernardette Mercieca

Spokesperson for Consumer Rights: Richard Schranz

Spokesperson for Culture: Miriam Cassar

Spokespersons for Youth (ADZ-Green Youth spokespersons): Nighat Urpani & Dirk Urpani

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