Construction of new civic centre started in Ghajnsielem

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Consruction of new civic centre underway in GhajnsielemThe Local Council of Ghajnsielem has a new civic centre under construction at Triq JG De Chambrai.

The new center is being built near the primary school, the school of arts and crafts and the public library. The center will also incorporate a police station and health clinic.

Parliamentary Secretary for Public Dialogue and Information, Chris Said, visited the ongoing works on site and had the opportunity to follow the project and discuss the plans with the Ghajnsielem Local Council.

Chris Said said that the renewal of local councils must ensure that they deliver the best service to residents, and an important element to enable this to happen is that the local councils have an accessible office for residents of the locality to visit, with everything close at hand. He congratulated the council for their decision to build the new centre close to local amenities.

Said Chris also praised the initiative of Ghajnsielem Council to install photovoltaic panels on the centre’s roof to make use of cleaner energy.

Parliamentary Secretary Chris Said, said that the scheme of special funds for energy efficiency benefited 44 locations last year. This scheme, which is re-introduced this year, encourages local councils to use alternative energy through initiatives such as installation of solar and photovoltaic panels, energy saving lights in the streets and public places and other similar initatives

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