RAM shocked at MEPA’s rebuke of it’s Audit Officer

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RAM shocked at MEPA's rebuke of it's Audit OfficerThe Ramblers’ Association of Malta (RAM) is shocked that Mepa has sharply rebuked its Audit Officer because, “he should have never carried out an investigation, and more so published his report, given that this case is in front of the Appeals Board.”

Firstly an explanation is morally due as to why “the Audit Officer should never have carried out an investigation.” It was the nine leading environmental NGOs, together with the Qala Local Council, who asked for an investigation. RAM is under the impression that any person can request an investigation from the Audit Office of Mepa. Why should it have been negated in this case?

Secondly, the objectors lodged their appeal to the Appeals Board on the 14th of October 2009. RAM did not know about the appeal. On the 19th of October RAM asked what stage had the investigation reached. The Audit Office replied that the investigation was concluded and the report was passed on to the Chairman for his comments on the 12th of October, two days before the Appeal was lodged! Did the Chairman expect Mr Falzon to forecast that an appeal was to be lodged?

The RAM asks, what game is Mepa playing? Matters here confirm a suspicious twist: it seems that the only reliable person within an Authority whose leaders have lost all credibility is having his own credibility undermined by the same heads, past and present, and their political mentors. No other explanation is tenable in the circumstances as perceived.

The Ramblers’ Association of Malta

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    1. Lesley Kreupl says:

      Every sane person on this group of islands should be shocked at what is happening! Shame on MEPA and shame on the government. I wonder why there is no comment from the Ministry for Gozo – this destruction of yet more of the environment certainly doesn’t fit it with the concept of an eco-Gozo!
      Take a look at the building in Munxar where the Andar hotel used to be and you will have an idea what this construction will look like!

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