Etienne Micallef wins volunteer of the year award

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Etienne Micallef wins volunteer of the year awardThe Lewis Scicluna Award was established by the Malta Red Cross Society in 2007 to honour the best volunteer of the year. It was named after the late Lewis Scicluna who, during the long years that he served the Society, was an inspiration to all members of the Society through his voluntary work, commitment, dedication, integrity and professionalism.

A committee chaired by Mr. Carmel Busuttil, a former Vice-President of the Society assisted by Mr. Bonello and Mr. Degiovanni, nominated Mr. Etienne Micallef, B.A. a graduate in Biology, for the award. Mr. Etienne Micallef, who is the Secretary of the Gozo Branch and Operations Manager of the Society. Throughout his long service towards the activities of the Society; he has shown commitment, respect, leadership and continual professional development both in Malta and internationally. Moreover he was commended for the sterling service he rendered towards humanity in Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

The Award was presented to Mr. Etienne Micallef on the 5th of November. The presentation was carried out in the presence of members of the Scicluna family.

The award is to be presented annually in October, the same month that the Malta Red Cross Society was originally founded in 1991.

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    3 Responses

    1. Antoine Vassallo says:

      Congrats Etienne.

      As a former colleague at Sir MA Refalo Centre for Further Studies and a fellow Gozo NGOs Association councillor, I know Etienne as a person who is 1000% committed to what he believes in.

      A glowing encouragement for more voluntary participation.

    2. John Edwards says:

      Congratulations Etienne well deserved.

      Perhaps now the government will support and fund the Red Cross on Gozo, before it’s too late and we loose this great organisation for ever!

    3. Lucia says:

      Good work Etienne! KEEP IT UP!!

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