Can Gozitans tolerate even more deaths due to lack of health services? – Readers Letter

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Can Gozitans tolerate even more deaths due to lack of health services?Can Gozitans tolerate even more deaths due to lack of health services?

Unfortunately, tragic events also take place in Gozo, where patients need to be rapidly transferred directly to Mater Dei by emergency helicopter.

But since the Gozo General Hospital does not host such a helicopter service, patients in Gozo have to wait for the helicopter to arrive from Malta before transfer to Mater Dei for medical treatment unavailable in Gozo. This takes time, in circumstances, where seconds can make the difference between life and death.

It is unacceptable that all the health services helicopters are stationed in the island of Malta when they are also needed in Gozo. If at least one helicopter were stationed in Gozo, it could just as easily take off from Gozo to meet medical needs in Malta within the same time frame, if not faster.

But we seem to be a tolerant community…we even tolerate deaths due lack of such services and people seem to continue to accept the things the way they are. Fear of change and of the unknown has enslaved us to even this extreme extent.

Victor Galea,


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    5 Responses

    1. Chev Chris Galea says:

      This is really an interesting letter. Mr Victor Galea should also know that I have been crusading for an Air Ambulance Helicopter (HEMS) for the past 2 years. The helicopters being used for MEDEVAC and SAR operations belong to the AFM and the MMI. Mr Galea should be aware that the procedures to acquire a new SAR helicopter (partly funded by the US Government were terminated. There are no plans to buy new SAR helicopters and Gozitan patients will not get the benefit of a spacious equipped Air Ambulance helicopter.

      The general public should be also informed that last week the AFM signed a contract to acquire a new fixed wing aircraft- and NOT a SAR Helicopter. Gozitan LIVES should have been given a PRIORITY. We will wait and see.

    2. gharbiel says:

      No matter what is the issue the Gozitans are at a disadvantage when medical need presents itself. We do not need to talk about helicopters. Can Gozo have a radiologist? Can Gozo connect with Mater Dei on internet or some other way so as to get the info etc in times of emergency?

    3. MS says:

      Well Said but please keep in mind that (we) gozitans are always treated as 2nd class Citizens. Except . . . . .

    4. swimmer says:

      This is all true the only time we Gozitans get noted is during the elections .

      Still most Gozitans will forget all what happened when a small favour is given to them eg a transfer to work in their local village etc.


    5. Phil says:

      Stopping our children smoking and drinking excessively would save more lives than 5 helicopters could.

      I am, however, quite aware that the writer is mainly referring to serious trauma injuries and accidents. He has my full support.

      A helicopter stationed on Gozo is a must. It would enable fast responses not only for Gozo but for entire NW area of Malta.

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