Masks & Mirrors – illusion & Reflection exhibition in Gozo

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'Masks & Mirrors' - Illusion & Reflection exhibitionAn exhibition entitled ‘Masks & Mirrors’ – Illusion & Reflection, is being held at St Ursula Hall, at the Cittadella Centre for Culture & Arts, the Citadel, Victoria from Saturday, the 10th to Wednesday, the 28th of October.

A group of established and emerging designer/makers: Jackie Roberts, Graham Woodall, Pat Holtom, Rachel Robinson, Mario Cordina and Jan Wilson have collaborated to present over sixty works in the exhibition ‘Masks and Mirrors: Illusion & Reflection’. This exhibition of applied art utilises various craft media – metalwork (in copper, steel, silver and wrought iron); silver and enamel jewellery; textiles; plant material; lace; paper and wood pulp; acrylic and glass. The group use craft skills, which form an integral part of the Maltese and Gozitan heritage and culture, to design and make contemporary functional and decorative one-off pieces.

This event aims to stimulate, amuse and inspire visitors of all ages; to promote innovation and to highlight the value of applied artists and designer makers in Maltese culture, and as creative art entrepreneurs. Some of the participants also teach creative design skills to groups and individuals thus encouraging arts development and the participation of future generations in the craft sector. Pat Holtom, Rachel Robinson and Jan Wilson are members of the Gozo-based group ‘Hajta U Labra’ (Thread and Needle). Their aim is to conserve traditional crafts and promote their use in contemporary design.

Exhibition organiser, Jackie Roberts who produces art in metal from her Gozo workshop, said, "I invited the others to collaborate in this mixed media exhibition of functional and fanciful applied art because I am inspired by their work and the approach they take to their materials. I have always been fascinated by masks and have wanted to put on a themed exhibition for some time in which the use and meanings of masks, mirrors and illusion could be explored. The exhibition crosses the boundaries of design and fashion; disguise and decoration; art and craft."

"There will be absolutely no paintings on show! Quite a radical diversion for the Maltese exhibition scene and a fitting celebration for European Year of Creativity and Innovation. Caught between the more powerful disciplines of fine art, architecture and industrial design, the crafts are having to constantly redefine themselves. The division between craft disciplines from textiles, metalwork and jewellery, to glass, furniture and ceramics has become increasingly blurred with makers producing high quality, hand-made objects of great integrity with contemporary appeal. Applied art and crafts are now shown alongside painting and sculpture in top galleries throughout Europe without question."

"I wanted to incorporate panels with quotations from writers and the famous in order to further explore the main themes of the exhibition and stimulate the audience to reflect on the cultural significance of masks and mirrors."

The exhibtion will be open from Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm and Saturday and Sunday 11am to 3pm.

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