International Conference of National Statistical Institutes in Malta

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International Conference of National Statistical Institutes in MaltaThe National Statistics Office will host the 95th Conference for Directors General of European National Statistical Institutes on 1 October. Over 100 delegates from 36 countries have confirmed their participation in this prestigious event. The first DGINS meeting was held in 1953.

Following five months of preparations, Malta is to host the annual conference of Directors General of the national statistical institutes of EU countries (known as DGINS) on 1 October. DGINS conferences are the most important fora in the European Union for discussions about the future and development of the European Statistical System (ESS), which comprises Eurostat, national producers of official statistics, as well as other agencies involved in the collection of statistics at national and international levels.

The Malta conference will see participants from all 27 EU national statistical institutes, 3 candidate countries, the EFTA countries, as well as high-level representatives from the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the OECD. The DGINS conference will be held backto- back with an ESSC meeting on 2 October.

The theme of the Malta conference, decided by the DGINS Partnership Group, will be: Migration – Statistical Mainstreaming. Jean-Louis De Brouwer, Acting Deputy Director General from DG Justice, Freedom and Security of the European Commission, will speak about the role of migration statistics in the development of common EU policies and the challenges this may present in the future, while Walter Radermacher, Eurostat Director General, will outline ways of meeting the growing needs for statistics on migrants.

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi will deliver the opening address to the Malta conference

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