The most friendly carpenter of Santa Lucija

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The most friendly carpenter of Santa LuciaIn 2009 we stayed for a holiday for the first time on Gozo in a farmhouse at Ghar Ilma.

Every day we went through Santa Lucija, to shop in Victoria and there was most of the time this carpenter, working in front of his house, 2 weeks long waving friendly to us.

This year in August we were at Ghar Ilma again and there began the waving again. Three weeks long. So once we stopped the car for a talk with him. He gave the children selfmade gifts: two pieces of Fungus Rock set on wood by himself.

Next year we will come back again to Gozo. In another farmhouse this time, but we will visit him. That’s for sure.

We are happy to live on a nice island in Holland, but we will come every year to Gozo. Friendly residents, good ambiance, and a beautiful nature. Hope that this paradise will stay as it is…..


Kathy de Brabander


Photograph shows the carpenter from Santa Lucija and the writers son.

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    4 Responses

    1. James A. Tyrrell says:

      This is what the island of Gozo is really famous for, the beautiful people who live there. Nice letter Kathy and its good to see that the friendliness of the Gozitan people is attracting foreign tourists back on a regular basis. I have always thought that it is the ordinary people who do more for the tourist trade than the so-called tourist ministers.

    2. Dave Loney says:

      We drove past this carpenter, too, every day, and his face lit up with a huge smile when he saw us. He dropped his tools and waved until our dust had settled. I must comment that Gozitans are the friendliest people in the world – probably! A most beautiful island which we will certainly return to. Dave and Sue Loney

    3. swimmer says:

      A letter like this makes me proud to be a Gozitan. Things like these is what the GOVl should advertize and not mega projects that will scare everyone including tourists and destroys our beautiful environment . Pls minister for Gozo when you start talking about ECO Gozo in the coming weeks keep in mind Nadur Cemetry ,Ramla ,And Hondoq etc etc  how they will be affecting the local comunity I thank Kathy de Brabander for writing such a nice letter and for the carpenter for making such a very good image of us Gozitans

    4. Kathy de Brabander says:

      Of course we also have seen the less good things on  Gozo.  Like dumping garbage and even read about alive  animal dumping. Awfull!
      Happily excists the SPCA. They do very good work.
      Even in our picturisque Holland happen such bad things. I will spare you the details…..
      But Gozo is rich with this carpenter and all the other fine residents.

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