Stop ‘Wied il Kantra’ Xlendi from becoming a dumpsite

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Stop 'Wied il Kanta' Xlendi from becoming a dumpsiteI am writing to you regarding the so called ‘Kantra Valley,’ or ‘Wied il-Kantra’ in Xlendi Gozo, one of the most beautiful places in Gozo, and I dare say, Malta.

For a while now, this place has been left abandoned and in a piteous state by the Munxar Local Council, under whom is the responsibility of Xlendi. This place, which is even frequented by a number of tourists for its wonderful scenery and crystal clear water is now literally a dumpsite.

As you can notice in the attached pictures, the valley now contains a lot of burned wood, construction material, and even dead animals (see inset).

Stop 'Wied il Kanta' Xlendi from becoming a dumpsiteAll of this, apart from not being attractive for tourists visiting Xlendi, also damages the flora and fauna of the place, in many cases being rare and endemic to the place, as highlighted in several MEPA documents, which one can find with a quick search on the internet.

In fact, as these documents state; "The candidate SAC of Xlendi is one of the largest protected areas in the Maltese Islands. It extends from the central part of the island of Gozo to the South-Eastern coast, and includes the whole valley systems of Wied Xlendi and Wied tal-Kantra, both of which end in the inlet of Xlendi."

It is a shame that a protected area like this is left in the disastrous state in which it is presently, with tourists having to step on the dirt and smell dreadful odurs in order to view one of the most beautiful sceneries in the islands.

Also it is shameful that I saw a group of foreigners, collecting some rubbish from the street, leading to the Xlendi Tower just beside the Valley. We should clean up what we threw, not someone else.

Yours Truly,


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    3 Responses

    1. Charles Mintoff says:

      I think it a disgrace for the local council to leave a beautiful spot like Wied Tal Kantra in such a state it should be cleaned up immediatley and signs put in place stating any person found dumping will be fined

    2. sobnia haines says:

      Local residents share your views, unfortunately Munxar council appear not to. There is rubbish everywhere, and very little effective clearing up.

      There is no point in erecting a notice threatening legal action for dumping, as we all know that any law is seldom enforced.

    3. Anthony Grech says:

      I agree 100% for the local council to do their dutie and clean not just there but in every place that the Gozitans and all the tourits that come to visit Gozo.

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