Is every centimetre of Gozo to be covered in concrete?

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Gharb residents angered by planned mushroom factoryI was most interested to read that the wannabe mushroom-farm-in-Gharb-developer is under the impression that Gozo residents (of whom I am one) are used to ‘rural odours’ – I wonder where he lives in Gozo? Perhaps in a pig-farm? However, I may be mistaken, as in their natural state, even pigs try to keep their environment clean! How dare he speak for the the residents of Gozo, and in such a disparaging tone?

As I mentioned in several letters to the press in December/January this whole project reeks of irregularities and – dare I say it – the dreaded C-word? I do however realize that there is no such thing anywhere on either of the islands, so perhaps I am wrong. (the recent VAT ‘inconsistencies’ spring to mind as do the maritime and motor licensing departments, but I think that was just mismanagement?).

I believe that the developer is a Gozitan and I wonder if he thinks, as he sits encapsulated in his air-conditioned, odour-free palace in Tigne or Nice or some-place else, that the primitive, stone-age, Gozitans he grew up with still grow potatoes between their toes? chew straw? only bath on Sundays? love farm smells? run around building temples? Whoever he is, he should be ashamed of himself for trying to destroy another bit of his place of birth!

Yes, I agree that there are several odoriferous places in Gozo but Gharb is not one of them – at least not yet. However, I thought that the ‘great’ plan was to turn Gozo into an eco-island, to make it more attractive for tourists to visit and – I would assume – for residents to live in as well. It must surely be an advantage to do away with smelly places, not to build new ones. For goodness sake, we are crying out for tourists and what do we do? MEPA continues to issue permits to build superfluous apartments to add to the thousands of existing, dilapidated shells which litter the island and now they want to destroy thousands of square metres of good, agricultural land? Are they not going to stop until every single centimetre of Gozo is covered in concrete?

As for the impact on the landscape – this is not only about the loss of quality agricultural lands with a high scenic value, but about the destruction of the last hill in Gozo – Ta’ Dbiegi – that is not smothered with dwellings and huts – incidentally, it is also the highest point in Gozo.

It is absolute nonsense that the “risk of odours will be minimal, because the transport of chicken manure will take place in closed trucks.” Has anyone ever seen a closed truck in Gozo? The route to and from the factory will stink, and it will stink to high heaven!

The craft village has been given a facelift and lots of people do stop off there nowadays, what fun it will be buying lovely hand-made lace goodies impregnated with the smell of chicken manure!

If the developer has a good PR man, he might just be able to convince the Kempinski Hotel in San Lawrenz to include a chicken-manure treatment in their spa – special discount for the developer and his cronies!


Lesley G. Kreupl

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    1. Peter Whelan says:

      Build on brown field sites and preserve what is left of this beautiful island. Please.

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