More safety measures in Gozo for swimmers and divers

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Ramla BayAs part of its endeavours related with the summer season, especially those related with the tourism sector, the Ministry for Gozo has co-ordinated initiatives which are intended to increase safety measures for swimmers and divers around Gozo.

The Malta Red Cross Gozo Branch have been entrusted with the placement of three marker buoys near three dive wrecks that were created through the scuttling of MV Xlendi, MV Karwela and MV Cominoland. This will facilitate both local and foreign divers to better locate these wrecks.

In the meantime divers from the Malta Red Cross Gozo Branch have performed regular checks and cleaned warning signs positioned around the MV Xlendi. The Ministry for Gozo has entrusted the Malta Red Cross Gozo Branch with these regular checks and the maintenance of these signs in order to ensure that divers are warned of the danger posed by the actual condition of the wreck.

Through the collaboration with the Malta Tourism Authority, the Malta Red Cross Gozo Branch will also be entrusted with life guard services at Ramla Bay in Gozo. These services, which will be supported by relative life saving equipment, will increase security on this popular Gozitan beach up to mid-September.

The Malta Red Cross Gozo Branch has a life guard contingent that has been trained according to International Life Saving Society’s (ISL) standards. ILS are the main regulators in this sector in Europe. The life saving squad was formed and trained through the collaboration of the Italian Red Cross. Members of the Malta Red Cross Gozo Branch continuously endeavour to strengthen their abilities in this field through their participation in courses related to various life saving aspects.

Continuous collaboration between the Ministry for Gozo, the Malta Red Cross Gozo Branch and the Malta Tourism Authority enhances life saving and protection services on Gozo throughout the year but most of all during special events or peak seasons that draw bigger crowds to the island.

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    2 Responses

    1. swimmer says:

      It is a good idea to put more safety measures but what I seen from the media it looks that they were not needed all that much especially al Ramla as the turnout of tourists was at it`s lowest .

      Keep on ruining our island and then expect to keep on getting the tourists especially if the proposed mega projects materialize like the Ramla ,Hondoq and Ta Cenc .


    2. Camelina says:

      I agree with you Mr Swimmer, MEPA projects must not materialize in Ramla Bay, the two ugly projects, villas on the Xaghra side and the cemetery on the Nadur side.
      First of all we must save SUNNY LOVELY RAMLA BAY if we want tourists.

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