Internet is an essential pillar of the new economy – AD

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InternetAlternattiva Demokratika, The Green Party urges once again the Malta Communication Authority (MCA) to strengthen the regulation of internet provision of in Malta. As already happened in August 2008, recent events have shown how fragile the current provision of internet in Malta can be. Despite having increased the number of cables connecting to the international internet grid, it is clear that no failover policies are in place. Customers of one of the major ISPs have been left stranded for several hours, depriving them of basic internet and international telephony.

Henrik Piski, IT and communications spokesperson of Alternattiva Demokratika, said, “It is worrying that since last major internet disruption in August 2008, no failover and no alternatives are given to the public. It difficult to understand why the MCA has failed in its role of regulator especially given government’s insistence on the importance of the IT sector.”

“The recent interruption of services (Enemalta, Melita) has caused damage to the business community; the regulators and the government should make every effort in order to avoid these situations in the near future,” concluded Chairperson Arnold Cassola.

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